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Electric Panel Upgrades in Birmingham, AL

Whether you are planning a new home or expanding your facilities, one thing is certain—you need more power. Mister Sparky is here to facilitate your next big upgrade. Our electrical contractor is available to conduct electric panel upgrades in Birmingham, AL, as well as the surrounding area. Optimize your circuit and take advantage of safe and efficient power. From circuit breaker upgrades to sub-panel installation, our company is committed to routing the electricity to where you need it most.

In terms of electricity, the main panel is the "heart" of your entire property. Normally found in the garage, the electrical main panel is connected directly to the supply that is provided by your power company. Therefore, the panel is able to distribute electricity throughout your home for you to use. When you are remodeling your home, whether through a renovation or a room addition, you will need electrical panel upgrades to supply sufficient power to your investment.

As a complex device, the main panel should only be accessed and serviced by trained and qualified electricians. For your safety and well-being, you next remodeling project or room expansion should also be overseen by our contractor.

Circuit Breaker Upgrades for Your Peace of Mind

Of course, if you live in an older home you may be due for a circuit breaker upgrade. Circuit breakers are safety mechanisms in the main panel that shut off a portion of the circuit. In the event of an overload, a circuit breaker switches off automatically to reduce the risk of damage to your property.

As breakers get older, they lose their ability to function properly. As a consequence, older panels are more susceptible to failure, which puts your home and family at risk. Preserve the safety of your home with breaker upgrades. Our technicians can identify the specific breakers you need to ensure your peace of mind.

Electric Panel Upgrades in Birmingham, AL

Worry-Free Sub-Panel Installation

For larger homes with more specialized power needs, we recommend our sub-panel installation service. A sub-panel functions much like a main panel. While still connected to your home's circuitry, a sub-panel is placed in areas with more specialized power needs, such as a workshop, home theater, or kitchen. This allows us to better monitor and service these areas in the event they need maintenance. When you are planning to expand your property, let us complete your sub-panel installation. We modify your existing wiring to ensure your new rooms have plenty of power and control. As a result, you have a seamless circuit that delivers reliable power to your newest spaces.

Electrical Panel Installation on Your Terms

Building a new home? Let us fulfill your electrical needs. Our accurate electrical panel installation service establishes a reliable foundation on which to power your investment. We design a circuit that will accommodate your rooms and appliances. We adhere to strict building codes to ensure your panel and its wiring is in line with current standards of safety and reliability.

Panel Upgrades with Sensible Rates

When it's time to invest in panel upgrades, you deserve dependable service at fair rates. For this reason, our contractor works hard to ensure you attain the results you need at a price you can afford. In fact, we are currently offering a $100.00 discount off new breaker panel installations. After all, when it comes to electrical safety, nobody can afford to take it for granted.

Contact us today to learn about electrical panel upgrades. We proudly serve clients throughout Birmingham, as well as Homewood, Hoover, Mountain Brook, and Pelham, Alabama.

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